About Us

Second Congregational Church, United Church of Christ is called to be a beacon of hope, faith, and love in the Berkshires and we invite you to become a part of our continued story of faith.

On February 20 1846, our ancestors stepped out in bold faith establishing Second Congregational Church, creating a beacon of hope and freedom during a dark time in American history. Beginning as a congregation of Free People of Color the work of Jesus and Justice are linked to the destiny of our venerable institution. The proclamation of the risen Christ is a call to discipleship that engages this world. We believe that to follow Christ is to engage the social structures that oppress others and join with other communities in the struggle for justice and peace.

Our History

History of Second Congregational Church Prior to 1846 the First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ (UCC) was the principal religious institution for Blacks living in the area.  Owing to racial intolerance, however, there came a time when seven of the Black congregants decided they should form their own religious institution, one that would be …

Church Council

Church Council 2019 Moderator: vacant Vice-Moderator: vacant Clerk: Maggie Adams Treasurer: Maddlean Mosley Financial Secretary: Lynne Newton Historian: vacant Board of Trustees Chair: Antoine Kablan Maddlean Mosley Lynne Newton Marlena Willis Board of Deacons Chair: Nate Motley Ivan Newton Janette Robinson Board of Mission Chair: Gracie Walton

About the UCC

What We Believe We believe in the triune God: Creator, resurrected Christ, the sole Head of the church, and the Holy Spirit, who guides and brings about the creative and redemptive work of God in the world. We believe that each person is unique and valuable. It is the will of God that every person …