A Note from Our Pastor

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

As the thirteenth individual to be pastor of this beacon of hope, faith, and love in the Berkshires, I am humbled to be a part of Second Congregational Church’s faith story. Thank you for joining us as we celebrate our 172nd anniversary.

In 1846, our predecessors in the faith stepped out in bold faith establishing Second Congregational Church, creating a beacon of hope and freedom during a dark time in American history. The light of God that shines through the historic African American Church and Second Church is the guiding light for justice, civil rights, and human rights. In the calling of Samuel Harrison as the first pastor the work of Jesus and Justice were linked to the destiny of this venerable institution. As a member church of the United Church of Christ, (the successor denomination of the Congregational Christian Church) Second Church continues the struggle for justice and peace in this world. Through The Lights of Our Sanctuary we are celebrating the faithful witness of those who have come before us.

As we welcome returning sons and daughters of Second Church, our hearts rejoice in your return. We praise God for your return and continued fellowship in the faith. And finally, “Welcome Home!”

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Sloan T. Letman, IV